We craft comprehensive apps that fit all your business needs. Our 100% customizable solutions will enable you to skyrocket to success in no time.


What We Do

web and mobile  development

I2XI taps into the power of digital to develop custom software applications and products for industry domains such as Retail, Transportation & Supply Chain and Financial Services.
I2XI is your expert design and development partner. We bring digital products from validation to success and teach you how because we care. It’s time to move beyond simply building features and start designing the right web and mobile development with the right strategy.
In 13+ years, we grew swiftly to serve more than 130 customers across United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Middle East, India, Australia and New Zealand.

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web and mobile  development

Let’s begin your digital journey! (Web and Mobile Development)

Building a power-packed and robust web application, web and mobile development, portal, application and platform becomes easier with our web development services. Hire dedicated developers, set up a team of experts, or hand over your complete development project to us!

Our Services
  • 15+ Years Experience

  • Top Front-end/Backend Coders

  • 95% Success Rate

  • Customers in 30+ Countries

  • Latest Frameworks and Technologies

  • Applications Designed for Scale

  • Agile UI/UX Development Experts

  • Web and Mobile development

Our Latest Projects (web and mobile development).

We build & deliver outstanding digital products to forward thinking businesses!

Our Work


Xber App Book appointments in your favorite beauty salons online, whenever and wherever you want. customers are always looking for convenient and seamless experiences. And as a business it is your responsibility [...]


Uber Clone App

Uber Clone App Go live in only 3 days utilizing our Advanced, Optimized, Customizable & User Friendly Uber Clone Source Code, Taxi Booking Application, Uber App Clone, Careem Clone, Lyft Clone Scalabe [...]

Our Services

IT Development Services and Skills for Your Needs ( web and mobile development ).

web and mobile  development

Python & JavaScript

Node.js & Elixir

Social media and Seo

iOS / Android App

Swift Development

React Native

Smart Mobility

Blockchain Services

Robotic Process

…& other Database, DevOps & Cloud and Automated Testing Tools.
We are an expert web and mobile app development company and use the best technologies and platforms to deliver high-quality products.

web and mobile  development

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