Project Description

Xber App

Book appointments in your favorite beauty salons online, whenever and wherever you want.

customers are always looking for convenient and seamless experiences. And as a business it is your responsibility to serve them with nothing but the best. This will not only build a better business customer relationship but also skyrocket your profits like never before. And who doesn’t want that?

Xber provides solutions to search and book appointments with beauty, spas and at serve at home or any customer convenient location at convenient time.


Getting an appointment at a local spa/salon turns out to be a hassle most of the times. Either you do not get the preferred time or you have to sit in the waiting area. Many-a-times, there are better deals in other salons, but most of the consumers remain unaware of them and tend to waste time sitting in a busy and expensive beauty salon. Xber beauty, spa and salon booking app is the best possible solution to get rid of such hitches.
Some of uber clone other inclusive qualities include:

  • Developer Website
  • Xber Experts Android/iOS App
  • Xber Experts Web Panel
  • Xber  Android/iOS App
  • Xber  Web Panel
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Advanced features

Users of this application get business deals in Beauty and Saloons segment after successful registration. Users of this application are the service providers. User information like services and locations will accessed by another application(Xber) users. Role of XberExpert users as show service provider for Xber app. Users are book for their services.

Xber Graphical Flow

Step by step Xber graphical flow of communication between customer and provider . As the owner of the hair and beauty salon, you will have the ability to instantly connect with your customers and keep them coming back for more. With this in mind let us have a look at how a mobile app can really benefit your salon.


Xber Experts

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