Smart Sensors

Smart Factory implements the Smart Sensor!

Smart sensor is an integral and essential element of the Internet of Things (IoT). Smart sensor is a device to take input from the environment and use that input as resources. This further performs the predefined functions for the specific inputs. The sensor processes and passes the data.

Smart Factory initiates the smart sensor with the evolution of Industry 4.0 which enables the more accurate environmental data. The sensor identifies the faulty data among the entire and then filter and record the accurate information.

  • The sensors can be fitted with the ability of transmitting the data over the internet, implemented with the UID that is a unique identifier. Smart Factory allows one other implementation of the sensors as a component of WSAN that is wireless sensor and actuator network.

  • The term ‘smart’ defines the overall itself. The technology is improving rapidly. Industry 4.0 is all new innovation and Smart Factory applies with this impactfully. The advanced microprocessor integration and compactness are making the sensor range wonderful.

How smart sensors work smarty

Smart Factory is using the smart sensors with the great perfection to implement the technological concepts. Smart sensors are a kind of wireless communications with intelligent capabilities. We use the Smart sensor as an onboard microcontroller. We serve the numerous advantages of smart sensors as compared to the earlier conventional sensors like high performance, minimal power consumption, and even the smaller convenient size.

The smart sensor is also used for digital processing, decision making, analog to digital conversions and the two-way communication as well. Smart Factory is using the smart sensors that are being an integrated device sensor which further has the transduction and electronics elements. We combine the smart sensors with computing and sensing abilities and the sensors are the analog or digital transducer in nature. Smart factory applies the MEMS system. Micro electro mechanical system (MEMS) system helps the smart sensor to work in an intelligent way.

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